Calf and Thigh

Anterior Trim Ankle Foot Orthosis / Calf and Thigh

Small Right

Code: 065-L5017

Product Information

To maintain the foot and ankle in a neutral position restricting both plantar flexion and dorsiflexion. Anterior trim lines provide mediolateral stability and some subtalar joint control.
A polypropylene posterior shell with velcro closure proximally. Often requires adjustment with heat gun at time of fitting.
Flaccid drop foot. If very well fitting, can be used on patients with mild tone, although a custom-made A.F.O. is recommended. Also useful in assessing patients for a custom-made A.F.O. Arthritic patients for a custom-made A.F.O.
Arthritic conditions requiring immobilization and postoperatively, following ankle fusion.

Item Code: 065-L5014

Sizes left and right are available for EACH size.

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