Foams, Padding and Insole

Fleecy Web Extra / Foams, Padding and Insole

Single Sheet

Code: 001-20801

Product Information

Fleecy Web is 100% cotton padding with a raised fleecy surface - widely used to protect sore and tender skin from friction and rubbing.

Use this product to protect sore areas of your feet - just cut to size and stick on your foot.

You can use an hypoallergenic tape (such as Hypafix) to keep the pad in place - but it's not always necessary to do so - although it is advisable when the area to be protected in under heightened pressure.

Long lasting adhesion Hypoallergenic Leaves no residue when removed Medical grade product High tack and pressure sensitive Clinically proven - used by professional Podiatrists and Chiropodists in clinics all over the UK and Ireland Thinner than "normal" padding - so easier to fit in tighter places where space is at a premium

Size 450mm x 235mm

Fleecy Web Extra - Foams, padding and Insole

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