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Flow Mini Blue / Massage Therapy


Code: 026-FLOWMINI

Product Information

The Flow Mini gives Athletes a Precision Sports Massage via four levels of Powerful Vibration – to promote best Performance, Reduce Fatigue, and Relieve Muscle Swelling and Tension.

Accelerates warm up of muscles before exercise. Regular use improves an athlete’s overall mobility and range of movement. Helps to release trigger points and assists the break up of scar tissue. Easy-to-use self-myofascial release any time, anywhere. May help reduce common muscle and joint pain.


Top Features:

- Next Generation ultra quiet high-torque motor (60-65dbs).

- Easy to use 4-speed control with Flow Wave Mode.

- 4 Flow Heads™ included – Medium, Hammer, Bullet & Fork.

- Long battery life and fast recharge time.

- Highly portable and Lightweight design.


Product Data:

- Battery life: 2-3 hours with typical usage

- Recharge time: 3 hours

- Charging Method: A/C Wall Charger

- Battery Type: 1500 Mah Rechargeable Lithium-ion

- Level 1 mode: 1800 percussions per minute ‘PPM’

- Level 2 mode: 2400 PPM

- Level 3 Mode: 3000 PPM

- Flow mode: 1800 through 3000 PPM

Flow Mini Blue - Massage Therapy by Rocktape

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