Calf and Thigh

Foot-Up AFO / Calf and Thigh


Code: 123-07810-1

Product Information

The Ossur Foot UpAFO Ankle Brace uses an ankle cuff/inlay design to assist the ankle with dorsiflexion to achieve normal toe clearance during walking. Unlike ankle foot orthoses models constructed out of hard plastic, the Foot Up has a breathable ankle cuff strap that is secured around the ankle for support. The AFO ankle brace cuff attaches to a clear plastic inlay that fits between the tongue of the shoe and the laces. With each step the cuff pulls on the inlay to assist clearing the foot to produce a normal stride. This AFO ankle brace is our lowest profile model, and comfortably fits inside almost any shoe!  


Foot-Up AFO (18-21cm) Medium

Foot-Up AFO (22-26cm) Large

Foot-Up AFO (27-33cm) XLarge

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