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Gymnic Trigger Roll

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Product Information

This is a medium-size inflatable cylinder with sensory bumps regularly spread along its surface. They allow a deep and focused muscle stirring. This peculiarity enables movements and massages which facilitate myo-fascial relaxation and loosening, in particular for those body areas which are characterized by hypersensitiveness and by the enduring contracture of some fiber groups. The name &ldquoTrigger Roll&rdquo identifies the physiotherapy and chiropractic action purposes on trigger points, but this item can be largely used within Pilates, Yoga and stretching fields. A booklet with some exemplifying exercises is included in the package.

Warning! Do not stand on the Roll. The balance loss may cause injuries to the user.

Please inflate the product with a needle pump in order to reach the desired hardness. Recommended weight: max. 120 kg &ndash 270 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 200 kg &ndash 440 lbs.

Gymnic Trigger Roll - Foam Rollers by Gymnic

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