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JS Sports Knee High Stocking / Compression Supports

Size 2

Code: 130-ACT20042

Product Information

Medical grade Class 2 (Ccl 2) (23-32mmHg) strong compression stockings ideal for men and women, sold as a pair. Perfect for anyone suffering with moderate to severe varicose veins or oedema. Great for post-surgical use. Designed to help reduce leg swelling and prevent varicose veins during pregnancy. Compression helps prevent lactic acid build up, helps muscles stay well oxygenated during activity, and helps with the recovery process following a workout. The stocking's compression begins in the ankle portion and lessens as it goes up the leg. Open toe compression stockings are great for wearing flip flops or sandals. Especially during the warmer months, the exposure to your toes will have your feet breathing much better. If you experience discomfort with tightness on your toes or have any structural toe conditions, the open toe option will allow more freedom of motion for your toes. In regards to toe comfort, open toe compression stockings are also an ideal choice if you have a rather larger shoe size to prevent your toes from feeling cramped. Available in 6 sizes and nude colour only.

JS Sports Knee High Stocking - Comfort & Support by JS Sports

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