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Product Information

Great for daily wear, travel, and sports, these easy to wear compression stockings help improve circulation without being too tight on your legs. Medical grade Class 1 (Ccl 1) (15-20 mmHg) mild compression socks designed for men and women. Ideal for those suffering with minor varicose veins, tired and aching legs. Great for those who get minor ankle, leg and foot swelling. For travellers, the most common use is for long flights to prevent swelling in the feet and legs, and also more importantly to minimize the risk of a dangerous blood clot, called a DVT or deep vein thrombosis. Graduated compression stockings are often prescribed and have the advantage of being more acceptable, relatively easier to put on and less cumbersome than bandaging and pneumatic devices. Graduated compression stockings exert the greatest degree of compression at the ankle, and the level of compression gradually decreases up the garment.

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