Knee Patella Support

Body Assist Patella Stabilizer / Knee Patella Support


Code: 042-NHPSBS

Product Information

Helps correct patella tracking. Helps relieve pain associated with jumper's or runner's knee and patella pain.


For general deficiency in knee cap tracking movement.

Locks the knee cap.

assists in the treatment of chondromalacia patella, runner's knee, bowler's knee and patella bursitis.

Adjustable two-way stretch neoprene.

Anatomically shaped.

Top/bottom locking.

Minor ligament and patellar support.

Horseshoe buttress assists in patellar tracking.

Machine washable for easy care.


To help relieve symptoms of chondromalacia patella, runner's knee and jumper's knee.

To provide patella tracking support.

Body Assist Patella Stabilizer - Knee Patella Support by Bodyassist

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