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Body Assist Posture Support / Neck and Shoulder


Code: 042-7501

Product Information

This lightweight postural device is designed to assist with Round Shoulder Syndrome. Easily applied by inserting each arm into the circular loop at the end of each of the 2 straps. Having anchored the straps around both shoulder joints, cross the straps at mid back and close at front of body. The brace achieves a subtle effect in that the patient can still round the shoulders, although when they relax the shoulders are pulled back into an improved posture position. Made of a unique elastic material that has been brushed on one side to create an almost cotton-wool finish. Consequently the brace can be applied directly over bare skin with comfort. The brace improves posture, allows unrestricted movement, delivers all day comfort and is totally washable and hygienic

Body Assist Posture Support - Neck and Shoulder by Bodyassist

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