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The Dentons Anti Snore pillow has been designed to assist with snoring and is the original Silent Knight Therapeutic Pillow, winner of the medals at the Geneva Salon of Inventions. Snoring is a vibration sound of the respiratory structures due to an obstruction of air movement while sleeping. The sound may be soft but in many cases it may be loud and very unpleasant and is often due to bad posture while sleeping and may be dangerous.

Dentons Anti-Snore Therapeutic pillow has been long regarded as one of the best anti-snoring pillows available and is awarded for helping 70% of people who snore due to restricted breathing, caused by bad posture. This pillow is designed to assist back sleepers with the wedge suited under the shoulders and the raised roll under the neck. The Dentons Anti-Snore pillow helps open the air passage in the throat and keep it open, having the head and neck in the proper correct spinal alignment. This pillow is sure to give both you and your partner a better nights sleep.


Specifically designed shape ensures correct head, neck and spinal alignment.

Designed for back sleepers.

Raised roll under neck, facilitating airflow through the throat to minimise snoring.

Medal Winner at the Geneva Salon of Inventions.

Designed to a prescribed resilience and softness to provide optimum comfort and support.

Superior durability for longer life.

Health fresh treated for control of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Helps asthmatics also by ensuring clear, unrestricted breathing.

Denton Anti Snore - Denton Pillow by Denton

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