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Loumet Stability Disc / Balance & Stability


Code: 169-DISC

Product Information

The Loumet Stability Disc is a cross between a fitness ball and a sitting wedge. This ingenious device can be used on any type of chair or stool.Whether it is used at home, in the office or even in the car, the Loumet Stability Disc promotes an upright posture, improves balance and is small enough to carry around.

When used as a seat, this revolutionary device promotes active sitting which serves as a positive and controlled release of energy, which can help in enhancing core stability, calmness and concentration.

Being highly versatile to use, the Loumet Stability Disc can also be used as an exercise device. It is an ideal tool in the management of lower limb stability and a great addition to any training regime.

Loumet Stability Disc - Balance & Stability by Loumet

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