Knee Patella Support

Otto Bock Genu Carezza / Knee Patella Support

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·         Knee pain without ligament laxities or perception of instability

·         Soft tissue irritations (e.g. tendomyopathies, insertion tendinitis, swellings, light effusions)

·         Overuse (e.g. sports)

·         Long-term soft tissue irritations after injuries and/or surgery

·         Beginning osteoarthritis

·         Patellofemoral pain syndrome (e.g. Chondromalacia, beginning osteoarthritis of the patellofemoral joint)


·         Stabilising knee brace with a pad providing extra support for the kneecap


·         Knee support made from warming and flexible neoprene

·         Medial and lateral springs provide stabilisation

·         Can be used for left and right

Otto Bock Genu Carezza - Knee Patella Support

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