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Purifas® FaceShieldTM offers hospitals and clinics a groundbreaking head sheet that aims to reduce the spread of healthcare associated infections.

The patent-pending FaceShieldTM provides 100% coverage of the facehole and is moisture repellent to further reduce the likelihood of bacterial transfer to or from the therapy bed through spit, saliva and sweat. Made from a soft, two-ply polypropylene, the client’s face down therapy is now more comfortable than ever before.

Developed by an Australian physiotherapist after five years of research, Purifas® FaceShieldTM is quickly winning the attention of clinicians around the country.

Purifas® FaceShieldTM has been tested by an independent laboratory to international standard ASTM-F2101 for bacterial filtration efficiency. The standard, which is utilised on products like surgical masks, uses a liquid suspension biological aerosol of staphylococcus aureus delivered to the filtration media at a constant flow rate of 28.3 litres per minute. Results showed the FaceShieldTM can reduce bacterial transfer by 40%.

Purifas® FaceShieldTM is manufactured from non-toxic materials in accordance with ISO 13485 (quality management systems for medical devices). One hundred percent recyclable, the FaceShieldTM can be disposed of via REDcycle bins conveniently located across the country.

Purifas FaceShield - Paper Products

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