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Silipos Pressure Square / Gels and Silicons


Code: 125-15505

Product Information

2mm thick gel pad with self-adhesive backing Used to reduce shock, impact, and vibration Can be used as a replacement for moleskin or felt products Excellent for use with custom ankle foot orthosis devices Perfect for cushion protection in hand splints Packaged in a cardboard tube

Perfect for use as a lightweight padding, this Self-Adhesive Silipos® gel sheeting can be easily applied to splinting materials or used to line braces, prosthetics, orthotics and sports related padding. It insulates against shock and vibration and conforms to all body contours, effectively eliminating abrasion, shearing and chaffing. Also available in non-adhesive square.

Silipos Pressure Square - Gels and Silicons by Silipos

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