Darco Shoe

Darco All Purpose Boot / Darco Shoe

X-Small Rocker Sole

Code: 088-APB-XSR

Product Information

It comes in Rocker or Flat Bottom, Size available from X-small - X-large

The Darco boot embodies nearly perfect 4 season post-operative protection with a closed-toe design that keeps dressings and toes warm and dry. The boot is designed to provide unparalleled versatility by accommodating both bulky dressings and most fiberglass casts.

Children's Orthopedic Shoes and Children's Supportive Shoes

Rocker Sole reduces plantar pressure under forefoot and heel by over 25%. Square Toe Design acts as a bumper to protect the toes when k-wires are present and provides better Left/Right fit. Ankle Strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage and eliminate friction. Removable Forefoot Closure provides security while eliminating buckle pressure. Zoned Outsole has an aggressive tread under the mid-foot where traction is needed most. Removable Insole features twice the padding of standard insoles and can be modified as needed. Insole can be totally removed to accommodate DARCO's innovative Peg Assist & trade customizable off-loading insole. Unique Metatarsal Shank under the MP joints increases support and rigidity under the forefoot.

Darco All Purpose Boot - Walker Boots and Post-Op Children's Orthopedic Shoes by Darco

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