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Darco Body Armor Toe Guard / Darco Shoe

Square Toe Small

Code: 088-BATGQ1

Product Information

The Body Armor® Toe Guard provides extra protection for the toe region during the recovery process. It works particularly well when k-wires are present or anytime when accidental contact could cause pain or be detrimental to the healing process.

Features and Benefits

Hard ABS Construction is durable and withstands blows and strikes to the toe region in everyday situations.

Moldable Side Wings can be bent or molded to conform to any foot size.

Strong Backing Adhesive: ensures secure, lasting fit.


Shoe Size Square

Women’s Small - Large BATGQ1 (Small)

Men’s Small - X Large BATGQ2 (Large)

Darco Body Armor Toe Guard - Walker Boots and Post-Op Shoes by Darco

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