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Gymnic Reflexball / Massage Therapy

6cm Aqua

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Product Information

The Reflex Ball is a hard, lightweight ball. The Reflex Ball is very effective at improving the eye-hand coordination of adults and young people and has been recognized by coaches as a terrific sports training aid for players of baseball, T-ball (little children's baseball), basketball, soccer, football, tennis, and even dance and martial arts. In fact, the Reflex Ball helps with any sport or any activity that requires good levels of eye-hand coordination, balance, or speed of reflexes. Now, although the Reflex Ball is used by athletes, young kids by the thousands use the Reflex Ball as a toy because it is fun for them to play with! The sports skills that the Reflex Ball builds - throwing, catching and balance - all benefit a child, and all kids need to improve on balance, reflexes and coordination as a normal part of growing up. It can also be used for hip, leg, and foot injuries. Start by kicking or tapping the ball lightly and slowly. It returns without the user having to chase it and can be pulled back just by tugging on the cord. The benefit is that the user has a 'target' to focus on and put their attention on the ball instead of their body.

Gymnic Reflexball - Massage Therapy by Gymnic


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