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JS Sports Contour Pillow / Contour Pillow

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Code: 130-PCS00

Product Information

A contour pillow fits parts of your body ergonomically. It is designed to target a specific body part, which you dominantly rely on when sleeping. The general shape of the pillow is concave and it supports your body when you are lying down by filling that hollow gap between your ear and shoulder. If you are a straight sleeper, then this pillow will help your neck and spine during the sleep. There’s not much difference between a side neck and straight neck pillow. The former has a bigger dip as compared to the latter. Posture is what allows you to sleep peacefully. Sleeping at odd angles can cause your neck muscles to tense. Every time you will turn your neck, you will feel a twinge that can be very annoying. A contour pillow not only provides support for your neck but the entire spinal column when you are lying down. If you snore, then you know how difficult it can be to sleep when your airway gets partially obstructed. A contour pillow raises your head slightly and prevents your airway from getting obstructed. People with sleep apnea can sleep peacefully with this pillow.


LARGE 14cm 12cm 16cm

MEDIUM 12cm 10cm 14cm

SMALL 10cm 8cm 12cm

CHILD 8cm 6cm 10cm

JS Sports Contour Pillow - JS Sports Pillow by JS Sports

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