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Product Information

Stediball™ is a world class burst resistant fitness ball filled with 1kg of specially formulated material designed to freely move in different directions when used both on the ground and in the air When you pick up and move the Stediball™ its inner material freely moves to engage your core muscles and stabilizers in a new and challenging way. The 1kg of free-flowing material inside the Stediball™ enables unique exercises, dynamic routines and improved performance while increasing stability and safety. Stediball™ allows for more explosive activity to be performed, which burns more calories, results in higher heart rate and is specific to improving athletic performance. The fact that Stediball™ stays steady and won’t roll away makes it the ideal fitness ball for the gymnasium, clinic, studio and office. To get you started the Stediball™ is supplied with an exercise booklet. Many exercises can be seen at

Loumet StediBall - Fitballs by Loumet

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