Back, Pelvis and Hernia

Bodyaasist Athletic Supporter / Back, Pelvis and Hernia


Code: 042-540WS

Product Information

Classic Supporter is a multipurpose supporter that features a power-knit pouch with our HydraVenbt hDc&trade Moisture Management system for rapid drying and cooling. Also provides greater resistance to bacteria and mildew growth. Much more comfortable than cotton or synthetic fabrics.

Incorporates a 3'' knit waistband and 3/4'' leg straps. High rubber content assures maximum support and durability.

Size Chart:                  Small     Medium   Large    Xlarge

Waist Measurement:     70-75    75 - 85   85-95   95-105

Bodyaasist Athletic Supporter - Back, Pelvis and Hernia by Bodyassist

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