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JS Sports Industrial Belt / Back, Pelvis and Hernia


Code: 130-IBSM

Product Information

Manual labour and repetitive tasks in the workplace such as heavy lifting, moving stock, unpacking trucks and warehouses, operating heavy machinery, gardening, cleaning etc, can all have a negative affect on the health of your back and often results in back pain. Because these tasks are often unavoidable, it is essential to protect your back from injury or re-injury as much as possible. You can achieve this with the Industrial Belt Support. Common manual labour tasks and other work activities are often split into 'off-and-on' times throughout the work day, and the use of your back belt is not required during the off times.

However, due to the nature of the workplace, use of your back brace is often required quickly, or at short notice. The straps that hang over your shoulders save you the repetitive task of taking the brace off and on throughout the day. After you have finished working on a job, simply release the compression of the belt and just wear the brace loosely until you need it again. The straps are adjustable for easy release and fastening. They can also be cut off should you not require their use.

JS Sports Industrial Belt - Back, Pelvis and Hernia by JS Sports

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