Back, Pelvis and Hernia

Otto Bock Lumbo Direxa High / Back, Pelvis and Hernia

Small (80-90cm)

Code: 019-50R52-S

Product Information

The Lumbo Direxa High has a higher cut than the Lumbo Direxa and therefore offers support for the lumbar as well as the lower thoracic spine. The brace provides relief for these areas. In this way the Lumbo Direxa High helps patients relieve their pain. It further promotes sensorimotor function and muscular stabilisation. Advantages at a glance: It offers moderate stability, which is achieved with four integrated plastic rods. Adjustable elastic straps are used to control the compression and how firmly the brace fits. The breathable, skin-friendly material helps keep the skin dry, so the brace can also be worn for longer periods of time. The Lumbo Direxa High features a slim design and anatomical shape. This makes it inconspicuous and discreet under clothing. It is easy to apply thanks to a closure with ergonomic hand loops. It is machine washable. An optional pad can be added to the braces to promote circulation and muscle function.

Otto Bock Lumbo Direxa High - Back, Pelvis and Hernia by Ottobock

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