Hand and Wrist

Darco Bungee Wrist Splint / Hand and Wrist

Xsmall Left (13.5cm-16cm)

Code: 088-9BW0L

Product Information

Eight elastic bungees attached to a single Velcro© strap provide compression, contoured fit and easy application. Achieve complete immobilization the wrist with the metal palmar stay. The aggressive palmar styling allows for full function of all fingers. Comfort equals compliance. Tricot padded lining, perforated sueded exterior and nylon trim all make the Bungee Wrist Splint comfortable to wear. A dorsal stockinette gusset prevents lace contact with the skin and aids in one-handed application.

Features and Benefits:

Easy to use bungee strap allows the wearer to apply, remove and make quick adjustments without assistance. Available in left and right versions. All sizes are 8 inches long.


The Bungee Wrist Splint helps relieve pain from mild sprains or strains, tendonitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, over use injuries and tenosynovitis.

Item code: 088-9BW

Darco Bungee Wrist Splint - Hand and Wrist and Finger by Darco

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