Hand and Wrist

Otto Bock Manu 3D Pollex / Hand and Wrist

XSmall Left Beige

Code: 019-4146XS-L

Product Information


·         Rheumathoid arthritis

·         Osteoarthritis

·         Functional treatment of post-traumatic (e.g. sprains, subluxations, luxations) and postoperative irritations of the wrist and thumb

·         Functional treatment of tendinopathies


·         Supports the wrist and thumb effectively


·         Made from soft and breathable material

·         Palmar flexible plastic splint for the wrist and coil spring for the thumb

·         Easy application through D-rings

·         Straight model to fit the arthritic hand

·         The placement of the hook-and-loop straps is chosen to avoid any pressure on caput ulnae

Otto Bock Manu 3D Pollex - Hand and Wrist and Finger by Ottobock

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