Hand and Wrist

Otto Bock Wristoform / Hand and Wrist

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Product Information


·         Epicondylalgia

·         Tendinitis

·         Postoperative management

·         After trauma

·         Complex wrist injuries

·         Carpal Tunnel syndrome

·         General instabilities


·         Provide excellent stability to the wrist

·         Prevents wrist flexion and extension


·         Extra stable wrist brace made from neoprene, providing an excellent fit

·         Stabilizes the wrist by a palmar splint and dorsal placed plastic insert

·         A dorsal thermoplastic insert is individually moulded

·         Full motion to the thumb

·         Non elastic wide hook-and-loop strap to ensure the stability

·         Adjustable at the thumb

Otto Bock Wristoform - Hand and Wrist and Finger by Ottobock

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